Kraken Con Spring 2015.

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Kraken Con Spring 2015 Day 2 (April 26, 2015) at the Oakland Convention Center.

     We had fun at our second time at Kraken Con a week ago. Well, for Gabby and I at least. Everyone else hasn't been to this particular anime convention and only Hugo, our new friend, was new to anime conventions in general. It was a fun weekend, overall. We mainly went to reclaim first place in the Talent Show like we did last Fall, but we didn't do so. It's all right because this was Club Lollipop's cleanest and best performance, so far. And that by itself, was good enough for us. It is a fact of life that no matter how talented you are, some things just don't work out the way you plan. 
     Anyways, compared to last Fall's convention... this was much bigger and seemed to be filled with more people. Until now, the customer service has remained superb and very positive. Also unlike last season, we enjoyed this convention as a group. We participated in activities together (i.e. Just Dance), ate outside the event (Sobo Ramen was lovely), and was even able to practice. A big highlight for us was playing Just Dance (as seen in the video). It was very fun, even if we weren't the players, and apparently caught people's attention that the organizer asked for our contacts so we could come back next time and help run the booth. Awesome, right? 
     Moving on to the actual Talent Show, Club Lollipop served as backup dancers for my sister, Gabby. We were pleasantly surprised that the stage set-up was much bigger and prettier than the previous one. That's a job well done for improving on quality, Kraken Con! You can watch our performance here:

As a group, we may be seen in well-known and upcoming events, I shall announce it soon.
All in all, another awesome experience at Kraken Con for us! Yay!
Kraken Con Spring 2015
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