Nichido Liquid Eyeliner

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Nichido Liquid Eyeliner.
Hey guys!
Time to review Filipino brand and it just so happens to be from Nichido again! Yup, this is the same free eyeliner that came with the Nichido Matted Palette I got for P100 (hence the big yellow "free" sticker on it). I could have gotten it with the free lipgloss but I'm more of an eyeliner lover. Besides, I've been meaning to get my hands on this very popular liquid eyeliner AGAIN. I owned this during my third year in college but gave it away after the first few tries for reasons I will say later... Let's see if this baby redeemed itself in my perspective.

What I like:
  • Only P68 for it's usual price (I checked other blogs to confirm) and quite affordable.
  • Available in almost all beauty sections of department stores (in Bicol, you'll find it in SM Naga, Metro Gaisano, & LCC) and even drugstores (like Mercury Drug).
  • Very black in color.
  • Not runny at all nor too thick to apply.
  • Doesn't become flaky when it dries up. 
  • Lasts all day.

What I don't like:
  • I felt a slight stinging sensation upon application and during the time it was still wet.
  • Takes awhile to dry up which will transfer to your upper lid if you got double eyelids and blink right after application.

Final words:
To my surprise my sister likes this. Yup , it's a pretty good eyeliner and very affordable. But sadly, like before this doesn't work for me... the reason why I gave my first tube of away of this years ago was because of the stinging. Back then, the stinging sensation was quite intense but this one just let me feel slight a discomfort. It's funny because I'm usually not the type to be sensitive at all. I've used cheap Chinese brands long ago to practice my eyeliner technique but never got any discomfort from using those. I do love the quality for this liquid eyeliner though and so does the general public, but I guess it just isn't for me.

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Thanks for reading!

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