Under $25 Finds on Ebay

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 So remember when I won $25 from Influenster?
Well I thought I could go on and list down a couple of things that are under $25 or you can accumulate to get to $25.

Read on if you'd like to see what I found!

Concealer Palette ($3-$10)
     Because drag makeup is on the rise and I would like to try it out without breaking the bank. And even before all these high end brands (i.e. Anastasia Beverly Hills) had their own, these were always around. 

Brush Set ($10-$20)
     If you can't afford such expensive brushes look here. Honestly, China probably supplies most brands' products...and the brands just put their name on it. Why not try buying it directly from the source? I actually don't need a set right now. I have one for myself and another one I purchased from BH Cosmetics which I'll use for others. But hey, if you didn't know where to buy a set...look at Ebay or Amazon.

Contour Powder Palette ($3-$10)
     Again, because the ABH and Kat Von D palettes are uber expensive ($40-$46) and I don't have the moolah. Of course, I wish to try this because competition/performance season is upon me and I need my face to look skinnier!

Waterproof Phone Case ($8-$20)
     Summer is also fast approaching and I can already foresee that I'll be spending a lot of my time in hot, humid, and wet islands. I probably need this to save my phone!

Mini LED Light ($15 & above)
     Because filming at night is a challenge all by itself, but even more complicated when you're travelling at the same time. I have a bigger version of this, but if added on top my already heavy dslr, it gets way to heavy (and painful) to lug around. I thought this will be best when I'm on the go!

     As you can see, the prices vary. That's because it depends on you to do your research and find the best deals on Ebay. Most of it comes from China and maybe because they supply almost everything nowadays. So, I recommend for you to not wait last minute to buy anything and buy ahead of time...way before you need it. I should do that right now because I may need it for my future travels. Teehee!

If you want to join Influenster, click here.

I just actually ordered last night! I saved even more when I used the "first time purchase coupon" that got me $10 off. Most of it have actually shipped out already and can't wait to let you see what I actually bought!
Thanks for reading!

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