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Big Bang - Bae Bae + Loser
The boys are back with an album! And finally, after three years since their last one, VIPs are happy Big Bang has returned with two music videos! Hurrahhhhhh! If you haven't heard or seen it yet, read on!

     Colorful and crazy music video. I love this chill song! It definitely has a happy vibe to it and with Big Bang in control of their mv's concept, they took it to the next level! With no plot but loads of gorgeous models and a lot of budget to spare, the boys went wild, literally. But what's up with Taeyang's long hair and lip pierces? How come GD only had mannequins in the beginning (KIKO! Ahem!)? And I think we all just met the true T.O.P! Haha! Fun, very fun. Go watch it:

Just by the title itself, this goes the completely opposite direction of Bae Bae. Feeling rage in your life? Well, you just might be able to relate to this song. Poor Daesung! Why oh why?! And T.O.P, from riches to rags? And oh, Seungri, who would cheat on you?! Ugh. Anyways, it is a lovely song. Go listen to it:

     Big Bang has definitely redefined themselves, yet again. Reason's to love this group? You'll never be bored. I only wish they don't have to take large breaks in between their albums. Their fans aren't getting younger and it is getting sad without them... no one else come close to these guys! They are supposedly coming out with more for each of their songs in their album, Made. Let's see how that goes. 

I hope you enjoyed their videos.
I definitely did.
Thanks for reading!

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