BH Cosmetics' It's Judy Time Palette

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BH Cosmetics It's JUDY Time Palette
     It's been awhile since I hauled this as a birthday present for myself last year and I finally have something to say about this! Yes, I have included this on my Top 14 for 2014. And yes, there's a typo on both the headline picture of this post and the picture on the other, but pay no attention to that! Let's continue on to the review!

BH Cosmetics It's JUDY Time Palette
What it is:
It's Judy Time eyeshadow palette is a gorgeous collection of 12 eyeshadows perfect for daytime or date night! Ranging from pretty neutrals to jewel tones of blue and purple this collection of colors, hand-picked by famed Beauty Guru ItsJudyTime, features satin, shimmer and matte finish eyeshadows.
Product description taken from here.

BH Cosmetics It's JUDY Time Palette
BH Cosmetics It's JUDY Time Palette
What I like:
  • Mixture of satin, shimmer, and matte eye shadows.
  • Great for day and night use.
  • The color selection is good from simple to a dramatic look.
  • Not complicated to create looks with.
  • Decent pigmentation.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Big mirror.

What I don't like: 
  • Paper packaging that might wear out faster than other.
  • Limited Edition & sold out on BH Cosmetics. But still available in Amazon for only $15 with free shipping or Prime included.

BH Cosmetics It's JUDY Time Palette
Overall thoughts:
     This is my first beauty youtube guru product purchase and I find it very pretty and easy to use. I found myself reaching for this almost everyday when I want to use some eye shadows. I can easily formulate an eye look for day and night even without a tutorial. This was the only palette I brought with me during my trip to the Philippines last June and I definitely have used it so much since then. Yup, my palette looks beat up now. It's not super amazing in pigmentation like all the other youtuber collabs nowadays, but the color combo and the decent pigmentation is enough for an everyday girl's needs. I, personally, like it a lot. 

Here are my go-to eye look I made with this palette:
BH Cosmetics' It's Judy Time Palette
BH Cosmetics' It's Judy Time Palette
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