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     Here's something I don't really do, but I want to stay consistent with my Fashion Friday posts. Plus, I just hauled these things from a local discount store, DD's, in my area. I was looking for something for my future travels and top secret projects. Yes, I am proud to say that I am a bargain shopper. If I could find decent quality stuff for a lower cost, why the hell not? I don't shop a lot, but when I do, I need a bunch all at one go. Anyways, if you want a closer look of this haul. check it out! 

     I have not talked about sunnies for the longest time, huh? Yes, I have always been obsessed with sunnies especially in uni days. But I fell out of it. Recently, though, I've been watching a lot of Lusterluxe & Desi Perkins' videos both in youtube and snapchat. They keep raving about the Quay Australia brand. And if they're not talking about it, they're rocking it in most of their pictures! The sunglasses are stunning! But, I can't and wouldn't want to spend $40+ for a pair. I, then, stumbled into the instagram account of Sunglass Spot, where they sell similar glasses for only $5! I was planning on buying 4 pairs with a gift card I received from before... but something told me to wait. The next day, after I finished errands, I dropped by DD's. Sure enough, after fitting some clothes, I saw the huge yet super empty rack of sunglasses. All that was left was three aviator sunnies I don't care so much for, two of the cat eye glasses (as seen in the picture) and that round yellow one. I got shocked at how decent the quality is and the fact it was only $3.99 (originally $6)! I snatched these two and was soooo happy that I didn't need to spend on shipping for just sunglasses. 

     As much as I like glittery things, I didn't think I would really need this pair in my life since I'm fine with what I have already. But because of a secret project, I thought this would go well with my outfit! There was only two left, so I went on and bought it! It feels comfortable when worn, but I can tell that overuse will kill this pair. It was originally $10, but I got it for only $7.99! Yay!

I'm pretty happy with this haul! I'll be able to travel in style with the sunnies and be extra sparkly for that secret project with those shoes on!
Do you like bargain shopping?
What was your best bargain purchase?

Thanks for reading!

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