GEO Medical Princess Mimi Apple Green (WMM-303)

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GEO Medical Princess Mimi Apple Green (WMM-303)

It's been more than a year since I picked up these lenses from Maplelens as I posted up before here... A long awaited review and so, here it is!

GEO Medical Princess Mimi Apple Green (WMM-303)

Product Description:
  • Diameter : 15.0mm Water Content : 42% Base Curve : 8.7mm Life Span : 1 Year Disposal 
  • $20.90

GEO Medical Princess Mimi Apple Green (WMM-303)

What I like:
Enlarges the eyes.
Green color.
Available with prescription.

What I don't like:
Tends to dry me eyes out fast.

What I think:
     You should pick up this pair of lenses if you want to add intense drama to your eyes. Although, I decided right now that the black rims are not my favorite look, these are still wonderful if you want to catch people's attention! I have to say that this actually came out as a disappointment, though. I raved so much about how GEO Lenses never dried me out in my store review video. But these felt un-hydrated after awhile making it uncomfortable to wear in long period of time or to even just wear it. It's still not as bad as the old lens brand I used before I discovered GEO Lenses, but I really expected more ease in wearing these. But maybe, I just got a slightly bad pair? Maybe... and I probably believe so.

On my eyes...
Excuse the eye bags (due to insomnia)! I feel so Edward Cullen like facing the sunlight!
Normal lighting.

I looked up my instagram to find a picture of myself using it...
And I found this from 67 weeks ago!
I wore it for filming one of my dance videos!

I bought this pair here via the Maplelens shop.
My store review on the Maplelens shop here with the unboxing video here.

Thanks for reading!

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