KPop Mondays: YG Family Concert

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Have you guys seen the concert videos yet?

YG Entertainment is the company that holds the artists Big Bang, 2ne1, Se7en, Gummy, Jinusean, 1tym, amd Tablo...  They just had a "family" concert! I was disappointed 1TYM didn't perform at all.... But the good part was that they mixed parts up! Meaning, they either performed each other's music or they shuffled up the parts!

My favorite performance was of Big Bang performing to 2NE1's I AM THE BEST!

If you haven't seen 2NE1 perform I AM THE BEST live.. here's one of them!

Now on to Big Bang's Parody!

TOP just blew me away doing Bom's part! He definitely lifted up my depressed mood...
GD is being his possibly-gay-side... totally cute!
Seungri was cute, as well!
Daesung was awesome! He hasn't performed in awhile buy WOW! His moves are smooth!!! Love him!


Freakin' TOP always have to say BIG BANG!
I love his expressions!

I wonder where Taeyang was at.... ohh well. 2NE1 only has 4 parts anyways... I am curious how he could have performed if he was included in this parody.

There were lots of performances asides from this... Makes me wish I like in Seoul! 

Anyhoo, that's it for now!

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Thanks for the love! <3