NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors.

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Hey Guys!
It's almost the end of the year... and if you've been following me for awhile now you'll probably know that this is so late! Well, these lippies are from my sister's CHERRY CULTURE HAUL which she got a couple of months ago. Some of you may ask why would I even blog about this...? Well, she was thoughtful enough to get the recommended colors for morena ("tan" in Tagalog)  skin like mine! Yes, I'm in the MAC shade NC43! Well, I use to be fair... but since I've been wearing a lot of shorts and skirts this year... my body has tanned except my face! So I use my MAC Studiofix Powder foundation on my face to match the rest of my body!

Anyways, here are the lippies!

NYX LSS 538 Heredes.

NYX LSS 643 Femme.

NYX LSS 529 Thalia.

NYX LSS 640 Fig.

NYX LSS 550 Indian Pink.

NYX LSS 621 Milan.

NYX LSS 595 Strawberry Pink.

I know! Strawberry Pink doesn't suit me at all!  Yee, I look dead!!! ROFL.  My sister wanted to get other lippies but they were unavailable so she RANDOMLY went with this instead. 

Despite the fact the this doesn't match us... she does love to mix it with FEMME for a new lip color!
 It matches the color of my top!

By the way, my favorite out of the bunch is HEREDES which I've been borrowing quite a lot for school.
Overall, they all suit my NC43 skin... well, except for Strawberry Milk!

Quick Review on NYX Lipsticks
What I like: Very pigmented. Great variety. Super creamy. Easy to apply. Affordable.
What I don't like: Misleading color guide from their online store. Wears off easily.
Recommended for: Those who can't afford MAC. Doesn't mind applying this many times in a day. Those who change their lipstick color everyday.
Where to get this in the Philippines: Check out multiply sites or bazaars.
More information: http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/ & http://cherryculture.com/ (discounted prices!)

Pictures are by the my sister, Roxx Luzada!
How's your holidays everyone? 
I'm all bloated up from too much sugar (as you all most likely can see) and so I'm getting serious about running/jogging about 2 miles everyday!  
And hmmm, my bangs are so long now... let it grow or chop them up again?
Have you joined my HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY yet? It's open to Philippine Residents!

And to wherever you are... 
I hope you're saying goodbye to 2011 happily!

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  1. I was trying to run everyday too!
    Except I haven't really stuck to it, I probably only run about every other day because of being so busy :/
    But hopefully you can keep up the good work of running 2 miles everyday!! ;D

    & I mix lipsticks to get colors I want too, especially if the original one doesn't flatter me, I'll mix it with something to make it better :)


  2. Hi Dana! Thanks for dropping by!
    Yeah, I hope I can keep this lifestyle up... losing weight is difficult for me! LOL. ^_^

  3. I personally adore Heredes. It's my favorite color in this line and I would gladly repurchase it many times over!

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  4. Hi Chriselle! We have the same faves! ^_^

  5. oh wow those are great shades! suits you well. i myself love MAC lipsticks

    visit our site: www.alarillasisters.com

    maybe we can keep in touch via GFC

  6. beautiful colors !
    hello l loved meet your site and will love to visit my blog, if likes follow me too as I follow yours, my blog has tips about makes, cosmetics and generall beauti. Thanks
    Rubia Náu


Thanks for the love! <3