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Any KPOP fans in the house?! It's been awhile since I did a KPOP Monday feature, but man oh man, this one was live in the flesh and pretty up-close! Fangirl with me and read on my experience in seeing BIG BANG'S TAEYANG in San Francisco!

The line going downhill... hiding my all white outfit with my Roxy trench coat!

Where the SUN was about to rise in SF!
Bimbo's 365 Club.
At the venue... the all-white party hosted by MTV IGGY & INTEL for TAEYANG!

Opening act, Choice 37, hyping up the crowd with KPOP faves!
Choice 37
By the way, if you didn't know... he's the producer of Big Bang's hit song, BAD BOY, and G-Dragon's CRAYON!

Finally, what you've been waiting for... TAEYANG himself!
Funny how everyone suddenly became taller when Taeyang finally took the stage! I'm glad that I was wearing heels that day (even if I felt my toes go numb at the end of the night!) because it somehow increased my chance of seeing him! Anyways, this was a free concert wherein you would need to win tickets in order to get it. I didn't win any but I heard from my cousin that there was a winner selling her tickets because she couldn't attend. There was a bit of mix up with the money, but in the end the seller offered the tickets for free! THANK YOU, RUBA!!! Seeing Taeyang for free?! That's so awesome!

So yeah, Taeyang only had 5 songs for the concert. The songs were SUPERSTAR, BREAKDOWN, I NEED A GIRL, (his new song) 1AM, and RINGA LINGA. But his fans in San Francisco were so demanding and screamed for him till he came back out. He ended up singing the whole set all over again! He also sang BAD BOY, FANTASTIC BABY, and WEDDING DRESS! It's funny how people kept pushing for other songs and YB kept saying "only the ones in the set!".

The concert was crazy but full of true fans! Everyone was energetic and nice to each other fangirling/boying over him (including big macho guys dressed like him!). And YB really delivered that night. He had it all! Looks, moves, and charisma! He did not disappoint! I'm so happy to see him perform that close and be so nice to his fans! He kept posing for pictures and selfies with his fans! Crazy! I wish I had that chance too! LOL.

Aimee Lee Lucas
We actually saw the KPOP Vixen, Aimee Lee Lucas, once again! And she remembered my sister and I! She's always so sexy gorgeous and full of life! I try not to spazz out too much seeing my dance idol nowadays, but I was definitely so happy to see her at the event!

I hope to see more of him soon...
He is my superstar and I'm his biggest fan for real!

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