Choreology at World of Dance Bay Area!

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Okay, so let me share with you all why I've suddenly become so busy to blog just this past summer!

Meet Choreology
And this was their last performance ever! 
Looks intense, right? 
Well, you can be assured that this was one of the most difficult dance training I've ever gotten in my life. How so? 

Yes, I've been a dancer for like 6 consecutive years, but never like this. This team loves their hard-hitting hip-hop, A LOT. And despite having that many years as a dancer, I haven't really encountered their style of dance. I love the body rolls and throwing my body around... but "sticking" and simply "hard-hitting" was never my forte'. Plus, I've been a little rusty since competing last 2011 and only danced to perform a few times in between that time.

It's been difficult. For the first time in a long time, I didn't call the shots for a dance team. The rare times I didn't lead in the past was when either I was next in line to lead or they taught something that was bearable. Also, I've never really learned how to dance thru classes, I've been self-taught (youtube and kpop) or I choreographed everything. All in all, I went through all summer worrying and being depressed about not keeping up and failing myself as a dancer... But it got better, eventually! HAHA!

 Truthfully, I thought I left anything related to dance since I graduated. Maybe I would choreograph for mini-musicals or for the family but nothing like how it used to be when I competed like before. But as painful as pushing myself to conform to their style and the physical pains that brought me, I'm glad to have been a part of this team. My eyes opened up that it's not over for me yet. I've been made aware that dance community here is very strong (duh, it's the USA!) and where I can take classes. It also made my life less dreary... I'm done with college. I've lost my friends growing up here. The closest friends I've made are all in another country. And I felt like I've been lost for the past two years. And now, I have something to look forward to! Something I can pursue while working in my serious profession.

The training was intense but I'm thankful for it! I feel like I've gotten better in dancing and I feel a little more cleaner busting moves. No, I'm still far from where I want to be. But I will do my best to get there. I promise!

FYI, World of Dance is one of the biggest traveling dance competitions in the world...
And we won 2nd place!!!!!!
Actually we tied for 1st place for Young Skull Club (YSC)... but we received the 2nd place. But it doesn't matter, I never thought my debut in dancing hip-hop for real would actually be this amazing!

By the way, I met pretty awesome people at the event! Nyuuuu~
Lawrence Devera & Charles V. Nguyen of Poreotics!
Philippine All-Stars!
Ian Eastwood!
Not only did I see them... but I also performed on the same stage they danced on! 
I don't have pix but I saw the rest of Mos Wanted Cru (Brian Puspos included) , Poreotics & Megan Batoon up-close, too! You jelly now?? Bwahaha!

It was a great experience!

And despite only being in it for one season, which happens to be the last one, I'm so glad to be a part of this group of talented people called famiry!

Curious about our dancing skills? here's our videooooo!

Thanks to my sis, Roxanne, for the lovely pix!

Thanks for reading!

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