Anime Expo 2013 + Convention Tips!

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I know this pretty late... but I have been meaning to post this! This was my first ever convention and it just happens to be the biggest Anime convention in the U.S.A.!  Last 4th of July weekend, I've attended one of the most overwhelming yet amazing event ever! Read on to see why! ^^


  1. Book a hotel close to the venue or that will provide a shuttle/bus to the venue. 
  2. Get to the area a day before the event to pick up your badge. You'll miss out the good stuff on the first day of the convention plus you'll avoid the three-hour-line under the sun!
  3. Bring only the essentials. Water, food, camera, phone, and maybe (some of your) makeup. You want to avoid carrying "rocks" around the huge place which hurts the back.
  4. Dress comfortably. This convention is especially huge! So much walking!
  5. Dress up! You'll be taking pictures with cosplayers and celebrities! The Black Power Ranger actually took out his camera when I asked for a picture with him! LOL. And yes, the JPOP Stars have there own people documenting their fans meeting & greeting them. Plus, it's for your memories' sake!
  6. Look around before you spend all of your money at once. Stuff sold there can be a bit pricey!
  7. Don't be afraid to ask a cosplayer/s for a picture. They're there to be seen! And they may only be there on that day or lost to some part of the huge venue later on.
  8. Attend as much concerts, workshops and panels as you can! Get your money's worth! There's much more than just taking pictures!

This was one wonderful experience! It was a beautiful sight to see a sea of the most amazing cosplays ever! People really went all out and in character! I also had the chance to indulge in JPOP by attending the concerts of guests Aya Ikeda & the girl group Carat. I loved the catchy music and meeting them in person made a fan girl. Aya is a popular in Japan and has a radio show there, so I was actually interviewed about her concert in English. They asked if they could air it in her show and if my excitement was apparent enough I ecstatically agreed to it! The girls of Carat were equally sweet! It was a bit difficult in conversing with them with my rusty Japanese but they were so welcoming. Meeting very awesome performers who are as nice to their fans deserves a big thumbs up! Expect a lot of workshops, contests (you can either participate in or simply enjoy watching), and purchase unusual trinkets you normally will not find everyday. This was a humongous event that brought different kinds of people with so much positive energy and creativity into one as equally big convention center which felt very incredible.

If you are planning to go to next year's event, buy your tickets before the prices go up! There's so much to see and learn! I apologize if my words and pictures aren't enough to describe what I'm trying to put across here but i can definitely say that you won't regret it!

My sister and I actually participated in a contest then!
Check out our experience for the First Annual KPop Cover Dance Competion here:

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