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KPOP MONDAYS: HI SUHYUN's "I'm Different" + GOT7's "Stop Stop It" + NICOLE's "Mama"
So this  may be a real Kpop Monday post that I haven't posted up in awhile! Sorry! But, honestly, nothing really intrigued me. It's almost like K-Pop has been dying over the years... But fear not! I can happily say that it has been reviving itself. I watched two of it literally before setting up this post and I seriously typing this up 3 hours before Monday ends here in this side of the world (California to be exact)! Check out my thumbs up for some K-Pop goodness!

 HI SUHYUN's "I'm Different"
The "Mix & Match" Team of YG's Lee Hi & Lee Soo-Hyun of Akdong Music.

 HI SUHYUN's "I'm Different"
This reminds me of the elementary school days when getting a friend it has fine to have a friend, who likes your crush too, and follow him everywhere around school.

 HI SUHYUN's "I'm Different"
This song is fun and powered with two awesome vocals! I, initially, watched their perfomance which made me happy to see Lee Hi improve in her stage presence. I also think that Soo-Hyun looks totally cute! Actually, both of them do! No need for plastic surgery, indeed. I feel like the more you get exposed to the limelight & the more you find what makeup suits you, you just naturally grow prettier. Plus, it helps to have a lot of charisma! I love these girls & this song!

Watch it here:

GOT7's "Stop Stop It"
Recently released over the weekend!

GOT7's "Stop Stop It"
My baby, Jackson, is looking sooooo fine!

GOT7's "Stop Stop It"
JB, who looks like BIG BANG's DAESUNG in our perspective, is looking very nice too! TEEHEE!
This is a fun video with awesome dancing! I definitely dislike the part of people threatening their life over some stupid crush. You're a K-Pop Star! She's not worth it! Haha! In real like though, don't do & move on. By the way, doesn't the haircuts make it more confusing to tell who is who? Like, Got7, is my latest favorite boyband but I haven't memorized their names yet. I love Jackson & like Bam-Bam... I could only tell who Jackson & JB is! Whaaa!

Anyhoo, watch the boys bodyroll so sexily here:

Nicole's "MAMA"
NICOLE's "Mama"
I love the dancing, yesssss.

NICOLE's "Mama"
A bit cryptic.

NICOLE's "Mama"
Awesome videography & setting!
This video was just released in like an hour or two ago! And I have fallen in love with the fashion & the moves. Nicole, former Kara member, is doing great by herself! This song is a bit slow though, in my opinion. Yes, the dancing is great. But if you want to cover this for a K-Pop dance cover contest, it lacks the explosiveness a dance piece needs to entice the audience. I still think it's a nice song & fun to watch as soon returnee-to-the-limelight Nicole would performs this live.

Watch this sexy video here:

I hope you found some new artists to listen to.
Comment your thoughts on these videos, too.
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