What I love about Influenster!

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Influenster is a program that allows "people of influence" to use their powers for good! How is this possible? Let me tell you what I love about this awesome program:

  1. You receive free products to try out after answering a couple of surveys. 
  2. You could also be one of the first people to try out a new product!
  3. You become the "spokesperson"to your audience (i.e. family, friends, blog world, youtube community, and even instagram & twitter followers) for these new products.
  4. If you qualify for free stuff, shipping is also free!
  5. The website provides a whole community that has reviews on all most all products you can grab in stores.
  6. They got the Influenster App, to make it easier for you on the go!
  7. It's not only for makeup lovers, it can be for dog or cat people, university kids, fashionistas, teach-savvy people, and many more.
  8. And definitely, you receive a lot of great stuff in one "voxbox". It varies including food, makeup, and school stuff!
  9. Lastly, it is also free to sign up! You may not be a huge beauty guru to join, but having a lot of social media accounts help to boost your chance to qualify for freebies.
     I have been a member since 2012 and recieved 4 voxboxes since then. I, honestly, could have recieved more but there were times I was too late to finish up all the voxbox challenges. So, if you do get a voxbox, keep up with your challenges! It's not hard at all.

This is my Uni VoxBox
Look at how it's packed with so much awesomeness! Wheee!
You can check out my Love Voxbox, Spring Fever VoxBox, & Violet VoxBox, too.

Go on and check Influenster's website:

Or if you want to feel more special, leave your email adress so I can invite you in.
Come on and join in the fun! 
Thanks for reading!

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