Current Hair Color Routine + Hair Care Tip

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Ahhh! Look at my dead hair. But that's the life once you decide to mess with your hair.
So you here... me with NO MAKEUP and my roots growing out while.
Kraken Con was approaching and I needed my signature golden hair when I perform on stage, once again.

Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer + Da Vinci Hair Color in 
I usually just color my roots instead of coloring all my hair (like the first time I was able to achieve my bright hair) because it is really damaging to hair!

The result!
The roots are now more Light Copper Blonde after 7.5-8 hours of having the color "cook" my hair. The rest of my hair was either cooked too long (I fell asleep) or it became more blonde by itself with the color... or the fact that I haven't been taking care of my hair like I should have.

Yup, I notice that my hair is becoming more straw-like as time passes by. I decided to wake up from laziness and reverse some of the damage or even prevent it from happening.

One simple way of doing so is using coconut oil with a mix of tea tree oil!
Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil & Apothecary Extracts' 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

     Coconut oil, by itself, can already condition your hair. But with Tea Tree Oil, I feel like it's cleaning properties are working better with it. My hair used to be always oily in the roots & dry at the ends, but with this combo, I feel like I'm having less oily-head-episodes. Plus, I feel like my hair is even softer and lighter in every use. I use the concoction like a hair treatment and leave it on my hair for as long as possible before I shower.

You can find coconut oil or even milk anywhere! But where to find Tea Tree Oil? You can buy Apothecary Extracts' 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil here. 

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