VEGAS 2015 Day 2

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     It's Travel Tuesday and I still have loads to share about my Vegas trip! I actually did a lot of traveling this year and will eventually get to all it... but for now, come with my sisters, friend and I as we go walk down the famous Las Vegas Strip. It's the street where all the big hotels are lined up.. and if you know Vegas, you'll know that they go big or go home! It's also not my first time here, but it's the first time I may have decent pictures and a pretty good vlog of! Seriously, I lugged my heavy dslr (we all did actually) and I made a video of our adventures that I'm really proud of! Make sure to watch it down below because it shows a lot of what we did, but don't forget to check out some of the pictures I took also in this post!

Vegas 2015 Vlog Day 2 by beekyoote.

In between, New York New York and Excalibur...

Can you guess what my favorite chocolate is??? Cuz I found it!
Someone please get me this for Halloween! Haha!

Our very late breakfast!
Shake Shack is supposedly the In N' Out of the East Coast. Pretty good burgers, fries and gelato! Even T.O.P ate here after the concert!

More posing...
Pictures of myself were taken by my older sister.

On to Bellagio!
They put a lot of effort in making their hotel stand out! Yup, the theme changes every time! Can you tell that's it's Fall season here?

Their lobby's memorable ceiling... so beautiful!

Finally outside again and posing where all the magical Bellagio Fountains happen.

Then we head to Ceasars Palace... I barely took pictures tho!
But I did get intrigued by their Victoria's Secret store... they had the wings their super models wore to the actual fashion show!!!

     Right after this, we headed back to our hotel and went to the Big Bang concert! It was a crazy tiring day... We felt so tourist-y... We tried to make sure of friend, Hugo, made the most of his first time there!

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With part of the Paris Hotel's mini Eiffel Tower in the back..
Have you been to Vegas and walked as much as we did? Haha!
Thanks for reading!

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