Gabby @ 18: After Partayyyyyy.

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Joy, Jam, Giezelle, Deej, Bogz, Kaziel, Jennilyn, and I!
Notice the CUPCAKES behind us... TEEHEE ;) 
Finally, last May 11 the party my family has been stressing over is finally over! I didn't have time to blog or anything because I was in-charge of making the dances for the party (both the cotillion & the modern dance numbers). We had practice at the venue at the morning, was stressing out doing our own makeup, and all throughout the party itself I was trying to entertain guests and follow the program... I didn't have time to eat until the end and same with taking pictures! So yeah, all I have with me are shots after the party itself... and let me share them with you! :D

With my college girlies.

By the way, I think I was going for the "Taylor Momsem Gothic Look"... 
But due to time constraint I wasn't able to blend it out as well I probably ought to.
Ohhhh well!
Anyways, I also used Revlon Colorstay Foundation for the party...and it didn't seem to be all bad as I remember using it when I was in the U.S. I think it was made for the humid weather, indeed.

Sis, Giezelle!
The Event Manager of Hotel Venezia!
She handled the party for us at the venue...
Thanks again <3

 I don't know if it was the alcohol... We had an open bar, by the way. But what came from a simple kiss on the birthday girl's cheeks with cupcake frosting turned out to be an all-out-war between the debutant's ladies and men-in-waiting... XDDD


Have you noticed the empty tray of cupcakes at the back now???
All those goodies gone to waste for fun! :DDD

I had to wash two times because people kept attacking me...
The others had to go in the bathroom three times only to be attacked as soon as they left the are clean.
And oh, the people were kind enough to not only cover my face with thick frosting, they had to kindly comb the darn sticky goo on my hair! Imagine that... EWWWW!

  I was screaming as they all gathered around me to attack my face & hair, by the way.

We took all the cupcake-smashing seriously, it was soo fun!
The best part was that even the guests & servers had fun watching us run around like maniacs in search of our next victim! Teeeheeeheee ;D

Okay, so people calmed down with the cupcake frosting and went back to either eating or dancing.
Then it was time to go... but the party ain't over yet!

Meet my crazy family & friends! XD

But wait... the party ain't over yet for reaaaal!!!

Before we knew it... the pool of Hotel Venezia caught our attention. As sticky as we felt, it felt natural to push people in as they are with clothes, shoes, cellphones & all! Crazzzzzy right??! Most of them eventually took most of their clothes off minutes later. I didn't get pushed into the pool or anything... but the boys did hug me and so I, too, sported a semi-wet look and smelled strongly of chlorine by the end of the night!

Overall, Stressful yet fun night...
but I miss dance practice and I wish I could have eaten more then!

I've actually gone to a bunch of places but I've been too lazy to take proper pictures...
what a fail as a blogger right??!
I know, I know!

I'll be traveling more and hopefully meeting up with some cool people and I solemnly swear to get my lazy bum moving!

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  1. Looked really fun!! Happy 18th to your sister!! :)

    Btw, what lipstick were you wearing? I love the shade! :D

    1. Thanks, Paige!

      If I remember correctly, it was NYX Narcissus! Thanks again! :)

  2. Nice photos! :)) Looks like you had a blast!
    btw, I have a giveaway running. Please join if you haven't yet :)

    1. Aww thanks, Em!
      Yup! I did have a blast! :D

  3. POOL WITH CELL PHONE?! I WOULD DIE. lol my cellphone is another attachment of my body for me. hahaha
    Anyway, looks like you guys really had a lot of fun!!

    1. Yeah! Its pretyy crazy... I'd die too! Teehee XD
      But yeah! It was funnnnnnnn! :))))

  4. Happy 18th to your sis! :)

    Followed you through Bloglovin'

    Please join my birthday give-away

  5. What a frenzy celeb with friends and with smashed up cupcakes! HBD to ur sis! I like ur makeup.. Oh, btw, I rem ur a dancer pala. hehe.. have pity to those with CP's on the pool. :)

  6. Haha. Thanks, Mitch! :))))


Thanks for the love! <3