A Guide to Wearing Over the Knee Boots: The Sexy Edition!

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When asked on how I would style "over the knee" boots, there is one particular look that pops in my mind! This is great for Valentine's Day (which is tomorrow) or any day when you want to feel smoking hot, sexy and powerful! Check out how I would do it, the sexy way! :D

1. The "over the knee" boots!
Of course, you'll need the boots itself to make this look work!
Black will be able to work with most of your outfits, making this a staple in your wardrobe.
I picked this leather number because of its simplicity and good-sized heel that amounts to its overall sexy look!

2. The sexy bottom!
Now that you're feet are covered, it'd time to cover up your ass....ests! :D
This leather hot pants and short enough, embellished with some studs, and functional with the pockets.

3. The sexy top!
Just to change it up a bit, I picked this lovely corset!
This should soften that bad-ass look by making it a bit more romantic (for Valentine's Day? LOL).

If you did it right, this should be the output of this little dress up:
My inspiration for the day is Rania!
This is from the old concept a few years back, but they made such an impression on me... I just can't let go! I love their sexiness and how fierce they are!

I hope you have a few ideas how to style for your next Valentine's Day! wink wink**

I've also made this as a guide on ebay, check it out HERE.
Thanks for reading!

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