AODSF 2015

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AOD 2015

  Last week, Club Lollipop & I headed up to San Francisco to perform at AOD! This was going to be our "finale" before we start a fresh new season with new dances for a new year of competitions and more performances! I actually vlogged that day, so please feel free to watch! If you want to see pictures and commentaries, continue reading! ^^

Watch the vlog here:

AODSF 2015 Day 2 Vlog (Feb. 2, 2015) ~ #ClubLollipop @beekyoote uploaded by beekyoote.

Watch our performance here!
CLUB LOLLIPOP PRESENTS @ AOD 2015 ~ @beekyoote uploaded by kyoote.  

AODSF 2015
     During check in! It was somewhere between 9:30 to 10 AM. There was no line! It was a breeze checking in! Since we were performers, we were labeled as panelists and didn't have to pay for the convention badge (a one day pass is $20!). Pretty cool huh? We were recognized immediately by one of the staff, he must be the person I have been emailing. Thank you for acommodating us, by the way! ^^

AODSF 2015
Two of our sexy ladies, Cecy & Lena, onstage! We had a photo op right before performing! 
    This was the Gaming Pavilion where most performers are going to be seen. It was also the place where you'll see a lot of tvs & consoles laid out for people to enjoy (watch the vlog for more visuals). I have a couple of comments about this venue which I'll list below:
  • It is a huge fancy tent located outside the main convention area and is a bit of a walk 
  • There is a stage which is huge in terms of width 
  • A lot of chairs has been laid out for spectators of the show the performers put on
  • There is no air conditioning or air flow happening in there hence the built up body odor of the hardcore gamers that have gathered in the location (we were  there at second day of the convention)
  • Staff stationed on this area wasn't as informed or enthusiastic. Thank goodness we had friends who dealt with those problems for us.
     I watched the videos from the past conventions and I think that Gaming Pavilion used to be the Main Events area where the Masquerade Ball takes place. This year, they moved that area inside the hotel proper and replaced it as the Gaming Pavilion with a stage to fill it up. Considering the placement of this area, performers were not able to present their show to a large number of people and this includes us. Thankfully, our show had people coming in late, but this seems to be attributed to the venue's location. We also had more things planned (i.e. teaching a dance & getting our other friends to perform also), but we were not able to fulfill it. On my end, I should have anticipated that AOD may be the smallest convention I would have gone to and shouldn't have based my experience on bigger conventions, thinking that 11 AM on the last day would amount to a good size of an audience. At the same time, my group wasn't able to pick Saturday to perform because other performers have already booked ahead of us.

AODSF 2015
After the show, we took advantage of the area outside of the Gaming Pavilion to take pictures!

My makeup for that day!

AODSF 2015
Noon time seems to have brought a little bit more attendees to the convention.

AODSF 2015
Video Shoot!
We venture up to the second floor to shoot our reel... right beside the buffet!

AODSF 2015
Lena is working it!

AODSF 2015
The camera loves sexy Cecy !

AODSF 2015
Me... doing my thing! ^^

AODSF 2015
Part of the exhibit hall. A good size, but it is one of the smallest ones I've been to.

AODSF 2015
Gabby got to try out a Hatsune Miku game!

AODSF 2015 x Club Lollipop
We found the free AOD backdrop and started working it!

More thoughts on AOD 2015:
  • Great location in general! The hotel is beautiful and spacious! It is also on the outskirts of San Francisco (avoiding the SF heavy duty traffic) and so close to the airport.
  • There needs to be a better arrangement of where their panels should be in order for performers to have more audiences and more people to be entertained.
  • They need more guest of honors from the industry (like legit j-pop idols or j-rock bands).
  • There is a need for a more aggressive approach in advertising to get the word out.
  • A more committed and enthusiastic staff would help the convention's atmosphere become more exciting.
    Basically, there is a lot of potential with this convention! I know that they have been around for a couple of years, but I haven't learned about them until I did extensive research on performance opportunities for Club Lollipop a month ago. Despite the downfalls, we tried to cheer up as a group and enjoyed the hotel by doing video shoot & photo shoots. This was our first time to this particular convention and we will treat it as a lesson and valuable experience for future performances. We still hope that this con will continue to improve as we will also do the same.

Check out Club Lollipop!

Check out our photographer!

Watch more of my dance ideos:

More of my vlog:

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your moves!!! Girl, you are super talented and I'm so happy that you're doing something that you enjoy so much! I look forward to seeing more videos from you!

    It seems you guys had a lot of fun and the place looks really nice!! :)

    1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I looking forward to your videos, too!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


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