Sleep Chic with Adore Me.

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Sleep Chic with Adore Me.

     Ever since I watched the Japanese drama, Atelier, my respect for lingerie grew even more. Yes, lingerie isn't the type of clothing you can flaunt in public, but it can be pretty powerful. It can give you confidence within! And you definitely don't need to make anyone a reason to wear sexy undergarments or sleep chic, you do it for yourself! Adore Me, the same brand that worked with Influenster and got me a free corset, luckily has what you need to go to bed looking like a queen. Do not underestimate sleepwear. If it makes you feel good, why not have it? Here's my picks from Adore Me's sexy sleepwear selection:

Sleep Chic with Adore Me.

     I like how you can be very covered up with a nice silk robe, tease a bit with a lace top or flaunt it with the beautiful babydoll gown. Adore Me sure does have a lot of options to choose from and at a lower price, too! I can say, with my experience shopping with them and the actual product itself, their stuff is pretty good quality and comparable to Victoria's Secret. So why not look good for much less without compromising the quality and design?

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Sleep Chic with Adore Me.
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