MY RIMMEL LONDON LOOK: The Night Out Edition

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#LondonLook #LondonLookContest

     So, Rimmel London has a contest going on... and I decided to challenge myself to makeup my own "London Look"! XD I don't really do makeup videos because I get frustrated with filming, but I think I got it ALMOST right this time! You can vote for me here and check out more of the look down below! 

  • Lasting Finish 25H Foundation in 201 Classic Beige
  • ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick in Blamed Blue
  • Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Extreme Black
  • Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown 001
  • Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara in Black
  • Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
  • Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze
  • Lasting Finish Lipstick-Kate Moss Collection in 180 Jet Set

     Honestly, I don't think I'll win this contest especially if votes are counted for. But I've been meaning to purchase a couple more Rimmel London items and this contest justified the purchase! Also, I thought I could give filming makeup another go and to work on my makeup skills. I had to improvise on the products because I already spent a lot on the items I hauled and/or the CVS I visited and my own collection didn't have an eye palette, highlighter and blush. 

#LondonLook #LondonLookContest
#LondonLook #LondonLookContest
#LondonLook #LondonLookContest

     And despite the gradual change of lighting/colour (due to the setting sun), I'm pretty happy with the outcome! I feel like the makeup combo reminds me of the UK flag (blue & red). And personally, working with an eyeshadow pencil for purely my eye lid color was a first for me! I didn't really practice this look before turning on the camera...and for the self-confessed beginner I always called myself... I LIKE THIS A LOOOOOT! Haha! Can you tell I'm actually happy for this look? 

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