Downtown Chicago.

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Hello my lovely readers! Yes, I am back home in California... and my sister just recently released some of her shots from Chicago. She's an aspiring photographer and to help her out I'm her amateur model! LOL. Yes, I know I don't have the body but I'd like to just release all inhibitions and love what God gave me. Teeheehee.

This was the last day we had a "photoshoot" and the big fountain at the back is called Buckingham Fountain. It is extremely large and very pretty! 

We got our Chicago housemate, Myca, into modelling as well!

Yes, we basically stayed from late afternoon to evening doing this shoot! Mind you there were so many people watching us... I just hoped I pulled it off! LOL. 

We did our own makeup... I promise to share it with you all later! And our tops and shoes were bought from TJMaxx just for the shoot! Its only because we didn't think we would be doing this while we were on our 3-week review for the NCLEX (Nursing Board Exam in the U.S.). 

I finally got my older sister to make a blog for her photos... please check them out! 
Its pretty cool!

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the love! <3