KPop Mondays: PSY GENTLEMAN MV DANCE COVER (Fairy Ladies feat. CY!)

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So let me start off by apologizing for not blogging for the month of May (except for my April Favorites)! But yeah, I've been busy with Spring semester ending and this post should explain one of the reasons! I've already said that I was taking a video editing class that dealt with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Afteraffects. Our final project was to make put together a video that would showcase some of the things we have learned in class. The video could be made of pictures, videos which were already made, and even self-produced film... which I did! I took this opportunity to gather my friends a.k.a. the "Fairy Ladies" to make an 'official music video' for our version of Psy's Gentleman dance! To make it more interesting, I've recruited my cousin CY (Cyril) so we can make it a parody to the music video, too! So you've got some acting with our dancing! 

Here are some teaser shots before I post the video here! HAHA.
 Doing ze' makeup.

 Ze' Fairy Ladies (excluding me because I took the picture!).
Was originally an all black concept like the music video but I added white to it... but they stuck to the first plan in the end.

 Brown smokey eyes, really thick eyeliner plus false eyelashes with any choice of bright lip color was the concept for the video.

Hard at work!
On our first filming date, I chose the beautiful Carmel-By-The-Sea of Cali!
If you look at the first picture of us on the sand dune, that's at Carmel Beach. I've filmed scenes in the actual streets of Carmel, as well.

For this photo, I decided to have another taping session on another day!
This time I've decided to keep it within our city limits (Carmel is about 20+ mins away).
The beautiful and often overlooked Natividad Creek Park was my choice! My older sister actually uses this location many times for various photoshoots for her clients and that's why I learned of this place.

Enough of the teasing!
We worked really hard for this project!
While others made a video picture montage or put together chopped up videos of anime (which I probably would have done)... we dressed up, made up, and took numerous shots just for different angles! Nonetheless, I've had so much fun making this project! I mean, why not take this opportunity to do something awesome?! And as much as I like being in the spotlight, I rekindled my love for directing and filming mini movies! I hope to continue this... so watch out for more!

Here's my Youtube for everything DANCE:

Check out our performance of this at the Talent Show last March:

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