Travel Tuesday: Winter Getaway at South Lake Tahoe

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 Last week my family and I spent our time in a winter wonderland! I would like to thank my little sis, Gabby, for taking the initiative of booking this for us way ahead of time! Read on for our first adventure for the new year.

From where we live, it takes about five hours to drive but it was well worth it arriving to this.
One bedroom with two bathrooms, a living area, study area, and a complete kitchen. And yes, the have spoons, forks, and even  juicer! My parents slept in the bedroom while we, kids, had the living area to ourselves. My older sis had the pull-out sofa bed to herself. While my lil sis each had the window seats. No need for to bring pillows or blankets for the "window seats" and the pull-out bed, too! Everything is provided! Also, I enjoyed using their 24-hour fitness center. They got your elliptical machine, treadmill, bicycles, weights, sauna and steam room. Honestly, I can say I love my stay there.

Outside my window...

On our first day there, we roamed about Heavenly Village. It was just outside our hotel, literally. It's a busy place, filled with tourists on their way to the mountains or enjoying the day as they ate.

And just right there, the gondola that will take you up the mountains to indulge in winter sports (e.g. snowboarding).

 walking around the village...

We then went to the shores of South Lake Tahoe...
Regan Beach

Frozen waterrrrr.

The next day was snowboarding day!
 Heavenly Village & Heavenly Gondola
All geared up and about to go up the mountains!

  Gondola ride!

 Lake Tahoe
Up at the observatory. More than halfway up and you can only get here on the way up... good thing we stopped for a bit. The view is beautiful!

Heavenly Mountain Resort

Outfit of the day!

Super selcas during ze' snowboarding sesh with sistar :P

Heavenly Mountain Resort has quite a bit of slopes to choose from. I stayed here most of the time. It's somewhere near intermediate, but the dips on this will make your heart stop for a bit. This resort is supposedly (one of the) most expensive places in South Lake Tahoe, by the way. You'd find many Europeans and people from Latin countries enjoying themselves here. The awesome part is that the instructors for skiing and snowboarding are from around the world as well to cater to their guests! Well, you'd expect that from this top of the line resort, I guess.

Finally, a slightly non-ninja selca!
This is my haggard face after super fun day of snowboarding :P

Our time spent at South Lake Tahoe was wonderful.
The place is beautiful and definitely worth visiting!

Thanks for reading!

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