JPop Saturdays: "If the Dream"

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 "「夢を見るなら」MV 45秒Ver. / AKB48[公式] | AKB48 Team Surprise | Itano Tomomi & Takahashi Minami
My two faves together!

 "「夢を見るなら」MV 45秒Ver. / AKB48[公式]" by AKB48.

Omg! Tomochin & Takamina has a duet for AKB48's Team Surprise!
Based on the translation of the song, these two vocal powerhouses are singing something slow, yet sweet & inspirational! And look at their dresses! Fashion inspiration alert.

Hope you're having a nice Saturday.
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  1. wow i just went through pages of your posts and i have to say i love your blog! it was really interesting!


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