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CLUB LOLLIPOP x HCDC | PCD "BUTTONS" MV (short choreo) ~ @beekyoote #kyootedance uploaded by kyoote.

I know I've been busy lately and it's because of dance!
     I'm  still the director of the Hartnell College Dance Club. In other words, I still make the choreography or make the major decisions on what to teach the club/perform. And this time, we were asked to collab with our advisor to do a theater production called "Lysistrata". Unlike our last production, "An Evening with Shel Silverstien", we are not only more people, but we are also acting as well. And if you can't tell already, our theme is lots and lots of SEX. 

I will be posting up the rest of the videos as this month goes by.
But our performance is actually this Friday & Saturday!

Thanks for reading!

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