November 2014 Favorites.

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BeeKyoote's November 2014 Favorites.
It's about midway December to the New Year, but I am barely getting back into the blogging grind after getting busy with theater & dance (I shall share later!). Anyways, here are my favorites from last month!

Milani Rose D' Oro Blush and ELF Eye Primer & Liner Sealer
The Milani Rose D' Oro Blush - a beautiful rose gold blush. I'm not usually a blush-lover, but I decided to use this because I had this in my stash for a long time. Milani has a great line of blushes comparable to MAC Baked Blushes and that's the reason I picked it up. If you can't afford MAC, try these babies out!

The ELF Eye Primer & Liner Sealer - A former favorite which I decided to use again! Eye primers are there to secure your eye makeup in place. For a cheap product, this can do the job and it has a lot of product to last you! 

Too Faced Return of the Sexy Eye Shadow Palette
The Too Faced Return of the Sexy Eye Shadow Palette - My second high end eye shadow palette! My first one, the first Urban Decay Naked Palette, got lost somewhere. Sad, I know. But my sister gifted me this for my birthday as a replacement. Unlike the Naked Palette, there is an emphasis on shimmer, glitter, and pearl shadows. The sexy shades are targetted for the party life, which I have used for. I don't recommend this to be your first basic palette, but this is a good addition if you like your eyes to become shiny, shimmery, & splendid for those parties.

ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
The ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter - I've been using the concealer to brighten up my under eyes last month. I've been watching a lot of more skilled youtubers who like to especially do that with Nars, MAC, and etc. I already had this lying around and decided to use it. Coverage is light medium to buildable, but I kept it slightly light anyways. The highlighter is slightly not as blendable compared to my favorite Benefit Sun Beam, but it can do the job if handled with patience. Not bad for a such an affordable two-in-one product.

Nino Eyeglasses
My new Nino Eyeglasses -  I've been seeing clearly even now because of these! My old Ray-Bans were not only so scratched up, but they were stolen while in my bag along with my iPod Touch (Yeah...). Good thing I have had my eyes checked and ordered these to be made weeks before that incident. I drive a lot (60+ miles on a school day) and my it is important for me to see the road clearly, especially at night. I'll share a post on this later to show you what it looks like on me.

Well, those are my favorites!
School just ended and I have to be focused on studying more than ever. Yup, school (which is mostly acting, dancing & directing for me) nowadays seems to be more an extension of getting my creative side pumping, unlike in my university years in the Philippines- a bit of dancing & fun, but mostly studying. But for the winter vacation, it's back to studying! I will be blogging more often! I got loads to share! 

Thanks for reading!

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