MigMe Verified!!!

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   I was invited to join a new social enterainment site and, if I understood it well, they were inviting bloggers (and influential people?) to join in the fun. Of course, I'm not all that & up there, but I did get curious and went with my more positive attitude to pursue opportunities presented to me. I made an account and slowly filled it up with my usual posts which aren't too many actually, but I was later contacted that I have made the second batch of verified users! I'm like... "What? Me? Really....? Whoa!" I was asked to submit a bio of my migme profile which I did send them (and you can see on the left side of my migme profile). When they sent us the lineup for the batch of verified users with their bio, I was so shocked & very honored to be a part of the list of well-known people. 

What was more surprising was what they included in the next newsletter they sent all migme users:
Like, OMG, how sweet of them!!!!!
I feel definitely so very honored to be part of this rising community!
They didn't ask me to make a post on this, but I do value the honor of being a migme verified user.

Come in and join the fun at:
They're based in Singapore, but they have people in other parts of the world (like me).
Not only can find so many artists, bands and celebrities active in their site, but they have games and tons of prizes, too!

Visit my profile at:
Thanks for reading!

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