A Guide to Wearing Ankle Boots: The Rocker Chic Edition!

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It's Friday and time to get some inspiration on for your next outfit!
Let's go!

1. The sexy ankle boots.
I picked these booties because it seems to give a good height, the heels isn't too thin (added support), and it is a stunner! Need I say more?

2. The basic yet wonderful leggings.
Black leggings are life. I honestly don't wear pants nowadays because legging like this pair is easy to pair up with anything for any look and are always comfortable!

3. The rocker chic tank.
All you have to do is to pick your favorite statement tank top in black and you'll be rocking! I like this one, in particular, because I sometimes have a liking to the "American flag" design.

4. The fierce leather jacket.
Keep yourself warm and stylish with a nicely studded leather (or faux leather) jacket for a fierce look, like this one. I like the style of the collar of this one!

5. The deadly accessory.
Finish off your rocking look with a deadly-looking accessory for your neck! This one can actually be customized which is great!

Put the all together and you'll look like...
This was back in 2009, during her "You and I" promotions.
This look contains a Givenchy tank top along with Balmain booties & leggings (article found here)... ohh goodness, that's expensive! But hey, we just replicated her look for so much less! Yay!

     When I was in given the topic to create this guide, I immediately thought of Park Bom. Due to last year's so-called "scandals", she hasn't been around much thanks to damn haters! I mean, she's been doing so well (joining Roomate & etc.) and people gotta ruin her. Nice. Rawr. Anyways, I hope to see her soon under the limelight where she belongs!

By the way, this is a guide I made for Ebay! You can also check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

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