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Looks like the Wonder Girls are keeping up with how K-POP evolved to what it is today! They sure aren't sparing any moment to show off what their mommas gave them! The promotional pictures were only recently released to the public, but during the past week they have been sharing individual teasers for each girl and their instrument.

Sunmi - very seductive and sultry playing the bass. She still has that vibe from her solo (except a little less sickly & with shoes this time). Have you noticed that they like to focus on her crotch somewhat?

Yubin - so freakin' hot on the drums! I like how they picked that sparkly top to highlight her boobs! TEEHEE.

HYE RIM (aka LIM) - very cool rocking out on the guitar. She's still not a favorite of mine and, honestly, it's hard to see her part of the group. But she might start growing on me since there are only 4 of them left.

Ye Eun (aka Yenny) - classy lady on the piano. We already know she got skills on the keyboard and they dressed her up to show that class (love the dress!).

Despite the cool concepts of their teasers.... TEASERS CAN BE DECEIVING.
     Their BE MY BABY teaser concept consisted them in being in a bad ass band (only for the teaser) and hyping the whole k-pop world on the return of the real queens (including me), only to be disappointed of their actual line up. Plus, we still don't know how they'll function as a band. I mean, really though? They are best at dance and it is their selling point! So, I'm a bit nervous for their comeback, but also expecting it to flop. Why? It might be too much hype and not much substance like before. It might turn out like a half-assed comeback... JYP hasn't been taking care of them. Isn't that why Sohee left? Tsk. Oh well, let's see. We'll all see in August 3rd, a week from today, if the queens are back for good.

So much skin, huh? I love it! HAHA!
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  1. Roaming around your blog and I found this post and omfg it has been forever since Wonder Girls made another comeback. *giggles* I understand how you feel cuz their teaser vids are fabulous and alluring. Who knew Yubin can play the drums like that?? Im worried about how they will function w/o Sohee and how JYP is going to take care of them. Just like you said... JYP sucks at taking care of Wonder Girls. It has been far too long... Thanks for sharing your honest review!
    Cindy C. http://cccream-is-cindy.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks for coming by my blog! I do hope they will do well tho! ^^

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    1. They're coming back with the 80s and I'm not sure if I'm excited anymore.


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