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It's been over two months and we are only sharing this now... Club Lollipop's performance at Anime Expo 2015!

     We didn't bother uploading this ourselves for two reasons. First, our video isn't good as this one (we only found this video a few weeks ago! Many thanks to AnimeGamer0!). And because of what we felt like after not making it to the finals. Don't get me wrong! I'm very appreciative of the fact that we got in the semi-finals among other entries and the chance to perform for the third year in a row in LA. But, I would be lying if I told you my heart didn't sink when we weren't called. Even if people came up to us after, telling us we had "the best swag" out of everyone... I still felt disappointed. This carried on to the J-Pop Finals... no matter how good I was during practice, my actual performance suffered. If you read my J-Pop Summit post, I really didn't want a repeat of this feeling. But at that time, I felt pressured and started to doubt my abilities... which showed in my dance and was aggravated when I didn't take any place as a winner. It's so funny to find this video way after the contest & Anime Expo... and find out that we did a good job! We thought that not getting into the finals, meant our performance was bad... but we were wrong! We actually like our performance! We went all out and it showed! I'm saying this because after that whole event, we didn't even want to look at our videos and wanted nothing to do with it. But thankfully, someone posted this up... And we are only sharing it now. 

     As I said about my solo, I could have done better. All these nerves killed me... I almost felt like giving up towards the end, but at the same time...tried to smile it off. So thank you to everyone who were kind enough to cheer for me and come up to me to tell me a great job, haha! I'll do better next time... In the meantime, watch my better version of Itano Tomomi's Dear J here.


     By the way, after all these contests... CLUB LOLLIPOP & I.... may be taking a hiatus from all these contests. We realize how outdated our knowledge of K-Pop is (we only like the quality old-school dances, lol) and we would like to focus on getting better in our dancing. I don't think people realize you actually need dance skills to dance even K-Pop or J-Pop, haha. BUT... we will still upload as much as we can and share stuff on our social media. 

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