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      Finally, I got all the vlogs out for our trip the Philippines last year! It's a big  deal for me because my family and I don't go home as much as we want. And it matters to me most, because after spending four years of university there, most my long time friends are there! This trip was really short and mostly last minute... so we didn't do as much as we wanted to do. Our off days contained practicing for our dance video & performance for our family party. If you want to see the breakdown of our trip, keep reading! 

PHILIPPINE 2015 VLOG #1 by beekyoote.
  • Asiana Airlines - Crazy delays... 15 hours to be exact! But they were nice enough to take care of our missed flight to Legazpi & wonderful night at the Manila Hotel.
  • Manila Hotel - Very fabulous hotel that features the Philippine's history! Loved staying here. Plus, their Cafe Ilang-Ilang has bomb food!
  • NAIA - Improved airports, but still needs work with air conditioning & wifi.
  • Legazpi Airport - Prettier, but getting very compact.
  • Legazpi City - same... like nothing changed... but not really.

PHILIPPINE 2015 VLOG #2 by beekyoote.

PHILIPPINE 2015 VLOG #3 by beekyoote.
  • The Legazpi Boulevard - Location number two for working out in my hometown! It's basically a sea-side track...without the rubberized floor. Still a nice place and this is where you'll see so many joggers or zumba dancers in the morning and evening.
  • Tahao Road - Well, you see me driving to Pacific Mall Legazpi :D
  • Forbes Town Center - A few days later... that's where we stayed during our week in The Fort!
  • Yabu, SM Aura - I've seen Filipino vloggers/bloggers rave about this place. It's a franchise but the food is really good!
  • Tajiyama Charcoal Grill, SM Moa - Where we decided to eat when we went to the MALL OF ASIA. Pretty good food.
  • Gongcha, SM Aura - So, so boba. Not a big fan.
  • NIU by VIKINGS, SM Aura - Super amazing buffet! Very beautiful and the food is on point! This place is a must-go-to! But do not go there when you're not starving.. it'll be a waste! Make sure to try everything! I regret not being able to properly vlog and take pictures of this experience :(
  • La Piazza Hotel & Convention Center, Legazpi City - Back to my hometown where the reason for this super short visit finally came. Yup, we celebrated our grandma's birthday and even performed.

      After this, we had our "Day in Korea" which you can also watch here. The other places we went to during our visit, you can find on my instagram. Go follow me there, @beekyoote! Watch everything via playlist mode HERE.

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