September 2015 Favorites

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September 2015 Favorites
So now we have come to an end to another month... and we're only three months away to the new year! Whoa! Three months to get 2015 right, right? Anyways, on to my favorites!

BH Cosmetics' Eyes on the 80's Palette
I just used this for my red/pink smoky look for filming the other day. I'm not happy about the matte shadows, but the shimmery ones are pretty good.

Wet N Wild Coverall Pressed Powder in Medium/Tan & Cream Foundation in Medium
I've been using this combo almost every time I'm going out. It is one of the few foundations that actually looks good and not cakey. Loving it!

2 Set Eyelashes from Daiso
I also used this during my last shoot and it gave me the boost I need.... because I have no lashes. This one is pretty dramatic and was not troublesome!

Kiss Clear Strip Lash Adhesive
I won this from the Kiss brand challenge via Influenster. This is different from the usual glue because it's application is using a stick, making it easier to apply the glue to the lashes. It dries clear and is super strong. Just what I need for an intense day of shooting many dance videos!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in Blonde
I've been going back and forth with this and the brow pencil. It still works for me. It just depends on my mood.

Sephora Rio Nights Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Black
This seems to do the job without drying out and my love for this stays strong!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa
This is not the best choice for performances (J-Pop Summit) or filming because it does not last that long, but it is such a beautiful hot pink color! I also like how it applies. It does not dry me out or make my lips look weird.

Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Smokin' Hot Pink
The most wearable everyday pink I hauled recently. It doesn't last all too long, but it feels nice on the lips and has a lot lovely or crazy colors to choose from.
September 2015 Favorites
This isn't the only things I use per month, I just add in stuff that was a new found love or a love that has returned in my life, lol. What are your September faves?
Thanks for reading!

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