EOS Misty Brown WM-205

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EOS Misty Brown WM-205
This is actually my third pair of lenses that I opened up from Maplelens. You can check the one from GEO Medical here

EOS Misty Brown WM-205

Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm

EOS Misty Brown WM-205
What I think:
     The second pair I've tried from EOS and I think it is as comfy as the first one! I'm starting to trust on the brand a lot since I have not come across problems with it. As for the looks, it is very intense and nothing "misty" about it really. And as big as it states it is, this pair doesn't make my eyes look big. But if you're looking for something that'll make your eyes give that piercing stare, this is a good candidate for that.

On my eyes...
EOS Misty Brown WM-205
EOS Misty Brown WM-205

Here's a whole selca... a little blurry, sorry!
I got this pair on sale from Maplelens.
You can read about my haul here
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